Brief Encounter

Great Film – you really don’t need a citizenship exam for the UK if you’ve watched this. It shows all the great English traits of awkwardness, politeness and an absolute sense of doing the right thing. I always thought of myself as a bit of a Trevor Howard character but as someone kindly pointed out the other day “you’re quite strange really aren’t you?

Anyway the tenuous link to the title pertains to my holiday preparations. Firstly I’ve invested the family savings in galoshes futures and fully expect to return from a week in Devon a multi millionaire. Secondly, a large stick has been stashed for disciplining the children because I appear to be losing my voice in some kind of wages of sin laryngitides thing. And finally not being able to shout in no way prevents me from elbowing in to play our latest pointless purchase.

Yesterday we bought a Nintendo Wii. After a quick beer* with a friend of mine, plugs, attachments and cosmic interfaces were randomly shoved into appropriate sockets and we had a brief encounter with the sports pack. Well Carol did, I just drank more beer and ran around the room like a crazed aerobics instructor until 2am this morning.

It’s a brilliant idea, well executed and extremely moreish. I fully expect not to leave our holiday cottage for the next seven days. I certainly won’t be writing any of this nonsense during that time either because a) the nearest thing they have to the Internet in rural Devon is the postal goat and b) because no computers, laptops or communication devices are being afforded boot space.

Except for the Wii of course 🙂

* the first one was very quick. Lasted about a minute. We slowed down for the next four or five.

4 thoughts on “Brief Encounter

  1. Our Wii is getting hammered constantly at the moment. The sports package is clearly one of the best bits about it though. Don’t buy sonic, it’s too hard, errm, I mean rubbish. i’ve just purchased Zelda so my son can be 18 levels in front of me after an hour and I’ve also made some quick ebay purchases of gamecube controllers, memory stick and games those untaxed dealers in Hong Kong. (you can run gamecube games on it if you didn’t know)

  2. Alex

    Well a week of Wii has completely validated the decision to buy one. My overworked competitive gland means I am already developing “wankers’ elbow” after much frustrated arm waving at Tennis.

    The kids like the bowling (I don’t because I’m crap)and we’ve bought a couple of extra games already. I nearly bought Zelda as well but thought “H’mm forty quid, that’s quite a few beers”

    Right I’m off to Crush, CRUSH I tell you the computer at Doubles. Oh and my MII is a fine looking gent sporting a mustache and a pair of seventies shades. Almost a perfect facsimile 😉

  3. my Mii looks scarily like me. Long face, small glasses, *slightly* receeding hair, but nothing major you understand. Zelda can be purchased online from play for less than 30 quid. It’s a lot of money but i’m assured it’s worth it.

    I keep seeing adverts for XBOX 360’s and PS3’s. The games for both of those show awesome graphics plus plenty of teenager attracting additions like explosions and flying body parts. I want those too. But we’ve only got one telly.

    I’m beginning to develop a paranoid fear of playing on the Wii whilst a variety of shaven headed, aggressive looking youths wander past the house. I’m almost advertising the 200 quid readily available to them if they just wait till we’re out and then nip in quickly. We really should move at some point. To somewhere where sticking a quick glass in someone’s face is considered a bad thing rather than a rite of passage.

  4. Alex

    Word on the street is Resident Evil 4 is well worth a punt as well. Luckily our TV is at the back of the house so the “nazi salute” tennis serve is only scaring a few rustling mammals.

    I’ve also started to build up a group of Mii’s who resemble some of my more challenging colleagues at work. These I only call up during a boxing challenge 😉

    Maybe you should vent your blood’n’guys xbox urges on the people outside your window. Kind of two birds with one machete idea…

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