Bike Page Update

It’s been weeks since this page was updated and with the revolving door bike purchasing scheme in operation at Leigh central, this seemed an opportune time to update it.

I was considering changing the site skin as well but there was some quite dirty CSS jiggery pokery to make this one work and I’ve absolutely no idea what I changed. Basically random size and pixel values inserted anywhere that looked promising. On second thoughts I’d have to be seriously starved of entertainment to even consider searching for a new one.

Talking of entertainment, I had a hundred quids worth of non-entertainment yesterday, fifty of which was spent watching the mighty Sheffield United crushed by Chequebook Chelsea. Not that I’m bitter in any way about it. Then a few rounds of drinks were required to deal with the embarrassment of being stuffed by the Welsh in the Rugby. I left the boys around 7pm as they were considering hunting down a curry as the way I was feeling, death by spicy popodom was a serious possibility.

Instead I meandered, drunk, through the vast confusion of the tube system before setting fire to my face by stupidly biting into a station pasty that had been heated in a jet engine.

I can’t decide whether to attempt to fix the brakes on my bike for about the tenth time or rush headlong into some pointless DIY that’ll end in a desperate call to a plummer.

The world is my lobster today.

5 thoughts on “Bike Page Update

  1. Alex

    And you got to drink you vinegary beer afterwards. Even the lager out of plastic glasses was better than that.

    Still at 3-0 with 30 minutes to go, I did think the ref should just have blown for time. Everyone would have gone home happier.

  2. Alex

    James, there is a bit more here

    I did really like the Cotic and it was so very pretty as well. But after smashing my knee up last year (and that wasn’t the bike’s fault either), I just couldn’t trust it however much I tried.

    And Steve Cull has my Cotic and seems to really like it so it’s not gone far. The PA was second hand but I’ve no idea if it was yet another dumb purchase as I haven’t properly ridden it yet.

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