And they’re out!

It was all a bit touch and go. The nurse wasn’t keen to remove all the stitches as apparently “it’s still a bit loose and sloppy up there”. She was referring to my knee I think. Still I refused to leave the sanctuary of the out patients ward until she relented under my extreme whining.

We agreed that I couldn’t cycle on it for a week (boo) and that it’d have to have a dressing so the “bag knee” shower attachment has some work yet (double boo) but that’d it fine for me to go riding in Scotland next week.

I didn’t mention that it was kind of super rough off road riding with big rocks, huge climbs, knee jarring descents etc. There didn’t seem to be the right time to mention it.

Still my mood of extreme lightness was dimmed to the almost black by the belated realisation that as from tomorrow I’ll be back in the sweaty underworld of the tube. Oh how much fun is that going to be? Almost none is the optimistic answer.

Also the bike that is going to scotland is almost as wobbly as my knee. It has suffered a complex component failure that requires a plethora of tools I don’t even know where to buy. Apparently just twatting it with a hammer isn’t going to solve the problem.

Every cloud and all that tho – an excuse to buy some more shiny tools to adorn the “wall of death” where the other implements of destruction lie waiting for their next victim.

5 thoughts on “And they’re out!

  1. nickc

    “Also the bike that is going to scotland is almost as wobbly as my knee”.

    Bearings is it? I had to remove the remains of one bearing shell a couple of weeks ago from the Foes sub frame, and let me tell you I had to hit it hard enough to bring Laura out into the garden to enquire “What all the bloody banging was about?” I thought quite honestly that I’d twisted the frame, It was quite satisfying in a caveman sort of way, but at the same time bloody scary. My advice is let some-one else do it, but make sure your not in the same room, as they belt seven shades of shite out of your pride and joy.

  2. Tim

    Reminds me of the time I walked into the bike shop in Bristol to find my Klein on its side in the workstand with them heat gunning the cranks and using using another frame downtube as a torque extender to try and remove some cranks.

    They didn’t come off. Until we used the hacksaw!

  3. Alex

    I think Frank is coming over hopefully with some tools of war from his forces days. That’s if I can get any bushings which isn’t looking that likely. I may just use the cheesealloy(tm) from the external RaceFace BB bearings which have lasted 300 miles. That’s a 100 less than the first set.

    After your two comments, I think I’ll leave the county before he starts!

  4. NickF

    Al, you want to think about changing that Turner, you know. More bother than it’s worth, swapping bearings about.

    Give you, oooh, a tenner for it. In fact, make it£20, just ‘cos I’m feeling generous.

  5. Alex

    £20. That’d pay for exactly one bushing. Anyway they probably just need tightening up and when my torque wrench arrives, the legendary turner bushing myth shall live on except

    a. They feel pretty tight already
    b. I *may* have been using the wrong grease
    c. Everything I own breaks way before it should

    Still after buying the tools, a new socket set and a set of bearings, I may be forced to consider your offer or ebay one child to stave off bankcruptcy.

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