All Hail Roger!

Voodoo in the Chilterns, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

Last time I post pictures of the pinkster I promise*. Slipped in a quick ride last night and first impressions are all pretty damn positive.

It flies through singletrack, bobs a bit like my first Kona (although this may be solved by some platform trickery on the shock but who the hell knows?), and is really flickable and flighty. Swapping lines is a breeze, the whole frame feels taut and springy without being flexy.

Actually I expected it would be like the Spesh Epic I borrowed in Canada – a hardtail most of the time but works like a full suss when you need it. It isn’t. It’s a short travel fs bike like my old Superlight .

And none the worse for that.

It certainly isn’t a race bike as stomping on the pedals makes the simple suspension work too hard. But to travel fast on bumpy ground, carry speed through corners and give you enough trail feel so you know you’re having fun, it’s a whole boxfull of ticks.

Oh and see all those leaves? Riding in short sleeves, on mostly hard baked trails and being blooded by all manner of sharp, head high vegetation. So it feels like summer, smells like summer, stings like summer but looks like Autumn 🙁

Can’t ride it anymore this weekend tho as we’re off to a 40th Birthday party. Where I expect to get drunk with old blokes and have non ironic conversations on the state of the pensions industry.

Joy 😉

* this may well be a lie.

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