100 posts are up and it’s a goodie :)

Behold the tool wall. Imagine a expensive funnel directing building traffic to a defined end point. This best describes the journey from a useful outbuilding to extended house. And at the cusp of that funnel is a vertical representation of all things tool shaped. Not that I’m obsessed or anything but this is about as good as it gets.

For some reason, my picture links seem to be broken, rather than try and fix then, here’s a link

Once sufficient elbow room is allowed, there’s the capacity for a biblical event that’d make Noah consider the rising of the water as localised flooding. You have to think big when considering the consequences of a talentless Alex, armed with dangerous hardware and aimed at an unsuspecting bike. Really don’t consider this as a victim, what we’re really talking about is a blast radius.

Still it’s all indoors and unlikely to frighten the horses so I’ll file it somewhere between a hobby and a mental illness. Somewhat like this blog which has crested a hundred posts and , more worryingly, attracts five hundred hits a day. Surely you’ve got something better to do.

No, I haven’t in case you were going to ask.

6 thoughts on “100 posts are up and it’s a goodie :)

  1. nickc

    Promienently placed large hammer? Check. Lack of specialist tools like BB fitting tools, and headset press? Check.

    I like your style. 🙂

  2. Alex

    Headset press: See hammer.
    BB fitting tool. Available but not worthy of a place on the wall.
    It’s all ying and yang let me tell you.

  3. Alex

    I just rip the tops off the bottles with my teeth nowadays. Anyway who needs a bottle opener when you have a brown bag and a screw top.

  4. Nuggie

    How can you fix a bike with only one hammer, you need small ones to start off with and then bigger ones for when the small one breaks and you need to seek revenge.

    Oh, and where’s the angle grinder? A most important tool for fixing bikes – I used mine at the week-end to make some minor refinements to a new blackspire chainring which simply wouldn’t have fitted on the cranks otherwise.

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