Updated the bike page…

Not much to see here. Small flurry of year end activity but really, it’s been a bit of a two wheeled drought in 2009.

Also some funky new stats that seem to come free with the latest version of WordPress show me which posts are read the most (or should I say not the “most least“), and so I’ve updated the “Hedgehog Hunting” page as well.

We’ve significant accumulations of snow here, enough to close the schools but probably not quite enough to stop me getting to London tomorrow though. This is the kind of unfairness of life I’ve come to treat as normal.

Anyway I’m off outside to do a snow dance. Possibly naked to improve it’s potency. Probably be on YouTube later 😉

The hedgehog is unwell.

Much to tell, too much snot and general unwellness means it’ll have to wait. Until then, I suggest you all buy Lemsip shares and make a fortune. I’m considering just injecting the bloody things directly into a vein.

I think two days in a cold, wet and muddy field may be a contributing condition to my current malaise. I fully expect within the next day or so to a) shuffle off this mortal coil or b) soldier on, barely complaining *while creating the European snot lake.

Until then, did I mention CLIC was a bit horrible? And yet I find myself thinking that I may again be stupid enough to try again next year. I think I must have OD’d on a mixed bag of cold remedies.

* on the gounds that sympathy is significantly lacking in the Leigh household 🙁

We’re back!

The Hedgehog is offline, originally uploaded by Alex Leigh.

My state of the art diagnostic system picked up the hosting failure about 12 hours after the site went off line. Yes an email complaining bitterly that the sender had already expended their “looking out of the window time” because the hedgehog was in “deep burrow”

I’ll not bore you with the details although Andy Armstrong, who is all things webhost to a few of us vanity publishers, was heard to say something like “booseless shucking phosting pompany“.

Make of that what you can.

Much to tell including my first bin bag experience, a nasty lurgey which I’m thinking of as a “seven chapter experience” and – this is the REALLY exciting bit – the ordering of the new structure to house the beer fridge.

Might be a while, much going on in the day job. Until then, feast your eyes on something that would define lunacy in a picture dictionary.