No Years Resolutions.

What’s different about one day in the year? If you’d wanted to give up smoking, then the morning after a Marlboro mainlining session would have suggested itself as the ideal time. Same for alcohol, chocolate, goat molestation and Internet obsessions. In fact, a proper bender involving all of these sins could trigger a monk like abstinence of the whole bloody shebang.

And yet it it’ll all be radically free salads and pointless Gym membership for, oh, about a week before paper resolutions are crisped by the fiery power of anti-commitment.

This year – as for every year since I stopped kidding myself I was going to play on the wing for England – I’m promising nothing but to laugh at other people failing.

So my non resolutions include:

1. I am not joining a Gym.*
2. I am not going to ride every day.
3. I am not giving up alcohol.
4. In fact, I am not giving up anything that I enjoy doing.
5. In terms of avoiding needling people, puncturing pomposity, refusing to accept dumb rules and lampooning anything regardless of correctness, political or otherwise – see 4:

Like anyone with more ambition than a spoon, there are many things I’d love to do as I rumble into my fifth decade. But writing it all down and sticking it on a wall, so come this time next year it can mock me with its’ complete not doneness? That way lies madness or at least a very depressing end to 2008.

I’m as goal focussed as the next man, woman or hedgehog. But I’m a bit more tactical so while some of you will be planning great things, I shall go in search of another drink.

So come on then, what have you promised yourself?

* Any organisation that has a business model which assumes 90{45ac9c3234d371044e23e276755ef3a4dde8f1068375defba7d385ca3cd4deb2} of it’s customers won’t turn up has my admiration. But not my money.

5 thoughts on “No Years Resolutions.

  1. I think resolutions are silly too but I have made myself some agreements. But these are all to make my life more enjoyable rather than less enjoyable.

    Riding a lot more being the primary one. That’s a good thing because short of caressing Angelina Jolie’s boobs for two hours straight, riding is one of my most favourite activities, even if it’s a horrible ride. (The bike, I’m sure Angelina never gives a bad ride).

  2. Alex

    I did rub myself up against the TV when TombRaider was on, but it wasn’t the same 😉

    I’m not sure I want to ride more because I don’t want to become anymore selfish with my time. But I’d like to ride more singletrack and less commuting, more from the door and less driving out. More fun, less miles would be fine.

    I’d like some more skill too but obviously I’m trying to continue to orbit planet reality.

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