Look over there —> !

No, not there, where the remnants of another weekend’s house sprucing lie congealing and in need of throwing out of the window NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. LET IT BE SO a wash, here – the funky new applet tracking sponsorship for my foolhardy attempt to finish a MTB event. I’ve started quite a few but when the going has traditionally got tough, I’ve got in the car and gone home.

But not this time because I’m determined to finish. Some of that is driven by the bloody mindedness gland that has failed to fire in previous events, a little more by my team-mates giving me a motivational speech along the lines of “get back out there you lazy fecker“, but mostly because I need to earn the sponsorship that will hopefully not be reading zero in three months time.

By all accounts, it’s a fantastic event. But so much more than that is the absolute certainty that giving money to CLIC-Sargent is going to make some little lives better.

I have a whole weekend of angst to share with you starting predictably with a paint brush and ending in a Bruce Springsteen-esqe “planting in the dark“. But better still, I’ll tell you why 🙂

Feel free to pop off over —-> there in the meantime if you like.

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