Hello Mr Solution? There’s a Mr. Problem at the door for you.

I’m not a man who deals well with boredom. And since I can’t ride proper bikes at the moment, I’ve already served a Sunday penance on the Turbo Trainer and jetwashed both children. In a desperate attempt to remove myself from rubbish TV, I found this nifty free add on to Firefox (similar to IE in the same way that Linux is similar and way better than Windows) which grabs web text and pictures and sends them hurtling to the hedgehog.

A picture from James showing a man winning the inaugural “Hug a Tree with your head” competition at Glentress in Scotland. An outstanding effort easily painful enough to secure first prize.

There’s a litany of pain, suffering and amusement to be found on this thread posted on Singletrackworld. My picture started it but it just gets better and better.

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