Don’t believe everything your read

That’s what I’ve been telling myself anyway. Remember my glib bravado detailing a car aquisition strategy executed on a browser and in a pint glass? Well it seems I possibly should have possibly prodded the tender underbelly of the used car forums before diving headlong into a pool of 4×4 ownership. This is what happens when vague ideas are exchanged for hard cash in less than a week.

Act in haste, repent at leisure eh? Hindsight is a wonderful thing unless it’s happening to someone else. Anyway first the good news, the Honda of Total Reliability is already in a state of transitional ownership. Assuming I don’t tree-wrap in on the way to the station tomorrow, that’ll be about it for me and the trusty old metal steed. I sort of feel bad about it, but – to put it into perspective – it’s nowhere as bad as selling a bike.

The X-Trail should turn up on Friday and if the stories are correct, I’ll be able to see it steaming over the horizon from about three miles away. The problem you see is not the engine, which is properly Japanese but the Turbo which isn’t. When Nissan were Datsun, they were also broke and close to the wall, which can be the only possible reason they agreed to let Renault buy a stake. So while the lumpy diesel chunders away happy under the bonnet, the Turbo attempts to run away as fast as it can. All I can say is Thank Christ it wasn’t a German engine otherwise the turbo would probably have retreated into the boot to form a Vichy government.

It’ll be fine. What do these so called owners know? Self Aggrandisment and Self Importance are two of the Cornerstones of the skewed values of the Internet. I can find you a fantastic example of that right here, right now 🙂 I’m sure really I’ll be untroubled by anything more vexing than putting a bit more petrol in and closing my eyes when signing the cheque for the tax disc.

And the dog is going to love it. In fact, if he doesn’t stop vigourously waking up at 6am in the morning, he’ll be living in it 😉

5 thoughts on “Don’t believe everything your read

  1. Grahame

    Don’t put petrol into a diesel engine. Things get “properly interesting” if you do that. So my father-in-law informad me when “a friend of his” made that mistake.

  2. dave

    or even diesel into a petrol… speaking from experience i can say it’s a VERY BAD idea. still at least it was a rental.

    now the otherway round i have yet to make this foolish mistake – i like my engine too much for that.

  3. Will

    I’ve made the ‘Petrol into Diesel’ mistake in the other half’s car… not many things rate as embarrassing as realising and pushing a Peugeot 206 away from the pump so you can call the RAC to rescue you – fortunately a nice man with a siphon exchanged his skills at removing the offending liquid for 80 English Pounds.

    Fortunately I didn’t start it and she doesn’t know to this day… 🙂

  4. Alex

    Funny I was filling up today thinking “put diesel in it you idiot”. Which considering I had an oil burner the last 3 1/2 years is another symptom of my decaying mental powers 😉

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