Do not adjust your sets.

This post modern electronic printing press on which my loquacious verbiage resides is really rather clever. Sadly, I’m not, so will be unable to take advantage of a myriad of options which seem to include “for world peace, click here”. However, downloading new ‘themes’ is within my technical remit hence the change.

I was perturbed that around a thousand themes were available. It’s a bad enough vanity stealing time from others to read your book without designing the cover as well. Anyway, I’d like to say a complex selection procedure was undertaken combining a conceptual seasonal theme fused with earthiness and a nod to the scarcity of planetary resources.

It wasn’t. I like blue.

Being a somewhat one trick pony around the gubbins of this site, I now have license to install about a theme a day until one speaks to me or someone else speaks to me in a “stop fucking about will you” kind of way. I hope I’m through my orange period when that happens.

12 thoughts on “Do not adjust your sets.

  1. Alex

    Yeah I noticed that and spent about 2 seconds examining the code that does it. At which point, I thought I’d ask someone for help πŸ™‚ Let me know if you’d like admin rights!

  2. Alex

    I did have a look for Autumn but they were all turd brown and rather rubbish. A good fit you may think and while that’s a persuasive argument, for the moment the fact that this theme ruins the site on a Blackberry is reason enough to keep it for a bit!

  3. Tim

    Maybe a ‘Mud’ theme might be more appropriate considering the recent weather (and likely Chiltern conditions)!

    Orange? Good colour for bikes πŸ™‚

  4. Actually I’m kinda used to it now. Perhaps a yuletide berry or two on the tree nearer the crimble season would add a festive something? Or perhaps a big snow knob like I had briefly in the back garden until Mrs Konadawg spotted it. :oD

  5. Alex

    I hope I haven’t led you to think I actually have any control over the themes (barely any over the content). It’s a cut’n’shut from the wordpress site. However, the idea of a “Snow Knob” is so classy, it has me reaching for the PHP manual πŸ™‚ Quality.

  6. Where’s the next and previous post links at the top/bottom/anywhere on the effing page that allow me to seamlessly navigate from one post to another then?

    Artistic wank wins over practicality? Styles designed by fuckin’ meeja types. Harumph.

  7. Alex

    If I may be so bold, that’s what bloody RSS is for. Anyway I’ve changed it now. But only because I’m unable to mount an argument in the face of a strong Harumph.

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